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Kinship Consulting is a customer experience strategy and market research firm that focuses on building emotionally-connected customer relationships.

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Prepare for the market future

We deliver actionable industry insight to grow market share and adequately position for the changing competitive landscape.

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Know and understand your customers

We provide sophisticated customer market research and Voice of the Customer programs in order to better know, target and retain your most desired customers.

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Create relevant customer experiences 

We work with companies to develop the overall roadmap to customer experience excellence.

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Qualitative and Quantitative Research 100%
Market Outlooks and Forecasts 100%
Voice of Customer/ NPS Measurement 100%

Customer Experience Strategy 90%

Customer Journey Mapping 90%

Journey Analytics 90%

Predicative Modeling - RapidMiner 90%

Descriptive Analytics - Tableau 90%
Go-to-Market Strategy 90%
Loyalty Economics 80%
Marketing Campaign ROI 75%


Who we are

Kinship Consulting is a customer insights and experience consultancy.  We create positively memorable customer experiences that create strong customer connections — the kind we would describe as “kinship”.

What we do

We help our clients optimize customer value  and seize new market opportunities by passionately focusing on the customer.  We put the “Customer First” in everything that we do.

Why we do it

Strong emotional connections with your customers drive increased loyalty, deeper relationships, longer tenure and engagement.

We are inspired and motivated to create customer connections that could be described as “kinship” — the kind of bonds and connections found among family and close friends.

Where we do it

We take a holistic, end-to-end view of B2C and B2B customer relationships — whether they be transactional or relationship based.