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Kinship Consulting is a customer experience strategy and market research firm that focuses on building emotionally-connected customer relationships — the kind we call “kinship”.

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Market Intelligence

Delivering actionable industry insight to grow market share and adequately position for the changing competitive landscape:

  • Market Share Analytics

  • Go-to-Market Strategy

  • Competitive Intelligence

  • Win/Loss Programs

  • Economic Analysis and Impact Studies

  • Custom Market White Papers

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Customer Insights/ VOC Programs

Providing sophisticated customer market research and Voice of the Customer programs in order to better know, target, and retain your most desired customers:

  • B2C and B2B Voice of the Customer Research

  • Usage and Attitudes Studies

  • Marketing Communications Testing

  • Customer Segmentation

  • Product Concept Testing

  • Insights Centers of Excellence

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End-to-End Customer Experience Programs 

Developing  the overall roadmap to customer experience (CX) excellence and innovation that delivers customer satisfaction and retention:

  • Enterprise NPS/ Customer Satisfaction Programs

  • CX Strategy

  • CX Blueprints and Roadmaps

  • Quality Improvement/ Operational Excellence

  • Rapid Prototyping/ Agile Transformation

  • Program Management

  • CX Governance

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Kinship specializes in developing patient and member-centric strategies and programs for healthcare providers, insurance plans, and service providers:

  • Medicare Advantage Member Satisfaction Programs

  • Optimizing MA CAPHS and HOS scores to achieve 4+ Stars

  • Voice of Member Programs

  • B2B NPS programs

  • Member retention strategies and programs

  • Patient and member engagement


Kinship Consulting has expertise in addressing the customer-focused needs of financial services and/ or insurance companies.  Areas of expertise include:

  • NPS and Voice of Customer Programs

  • Customer experience insights and analytics

  • Market share analytics

  • Home Lending Customer Experience

  • Customer segmentation

  • Marketing campaign ROI optimization


Extensive experience and expertise in optimizing specific business functions:

  • Call center optimization

  • Digital channel optimization

  • Marketing campaign ROI

  • Product Development and Management

  • Sales Force Optimization/ Account Planning

  • Program Management


Qualitative and Quantitative Research 100%
Market Outlooks and Forecasts 100%
Voice of Customer/ NPS Measurement 100%

Customer Experience Strategy 90%

Customer Journey Mapping 90%

Journey Analytics 90%

Predicative Modeling - RapidMiner 90%

Descriptive Analytics - Tableau 90%
Go-to-Market Strategy 90%
Loyalty Economics 80%
Marketing Campaign ROI 75%