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Market Intelligence

Helping you make the right business decisions in times of great market uncertainty and disruption.

We are surely operating in a time of major industry changes and disruptive forces.  The regulatory landscape is poised to be shaken up in almost all industries, from healthcare and banking to energy and technology.  These new changes in tax and fiscal policies could be good or bad — depending on how businesses prepare and react to it.

The biggest market disruptors — those that are creating new business and operational models —  are coming in the form of new technologies (i.e., AI, IoT, blockchain),  more connected and empowered customers, and data analytics.

To stay competitive in the face of increased accelerated disruption, many companies need to rethink and retool their offerings and operations.

We can help you anticipate and prepare for the changing market future.

Our Services

Kinship Consulting monitors and evaluates the market shifts that are creating new market opportunities and impacting the overall customer experience — particularly in the healthcare and financial services industries.

Typical studies that we perform include:

  • Market outlooks and assessments

  • Go-to-market strategy – evaluation of solutions and offerings

  • Sizing and evaluating market opportunities

  • Competitive market evaluations

  • Competitor and product profiles

  • Secret shopping — retail or conference/tradeshows

  • Win/ Loss Programs

Case Study: Assessing Georgia's Technology Sectors


Georgia’s technology sector continues to grow faster than national average making it a top 10 technology market.

The Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) recently released it’s 2017 “State of the Industry: Technology in Georgia” report which provides the current strengths and challenges affecting the technology sectors within the state of Georgia.

Julian Garza, President, Kinship Consulting, led the research team to assess the current state of the technology sectors within the State of Georgia related to talent, capital, and innovation.

The team poured through government and 3rd party data, as well as surveyed over 300 technology opinion leaders in the State of GA. The research confirmed that Georgia continues to be one of the top US technology markets – with both growth in technology employment and wages, with an extremely positive outlook. Georgia continues to grow as a major technology hub in the FinTech, Healthcare IT and media and entertainment sectors.

The complete findings — presented in a nifty Tableau format – can be found at 2017 State of the Industry: Technology in Georgia” website.

Tableau Viz: Technology Employment Comparisons, by State